Energy Audit

Exergie has extensive experience in guiding companies along the path towards energy efficiency. Energy audits can be performed on a voluntary basis by companies and organizations looking for simple, practical and substanial cost savings. You can opt for a high level overview via an energy scan or immediately dive deeper through an extensive energy audit.

These studies consist of an inventory of installations and buildings, followed by a statistical evaluation of consumption patterns. Next, adequate energy saving measures are proposed, with an estimate of investment costs, pactical feasability, payback time, IRR. This evaluation prioritises the most interesting measures in terms of investments, cost savings and reduction of CO2 -emissions.

In some cases, energy audits are imposed by law, such as the mandatory "EED energy audit" for large enterprises and mandatory energy audits in the process of obtaining an “environmental permit". 

Exergie has the necessary expertise and licences in the Flemish and Brussels Capital Region to carry out the required audits. 

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