Building Technology

Exergie can provide you a study of the building techniques and utilities for your new development (electricity, HVAC, plumbing, ...). We focus on small and medium-sized projects: apartment blocks, commercial spaces in combination with homes, group practices ...  

By offering the aspects listed below, we ensure that legal requirements and expectations of the client are optimally aligned:

  • EPB-reporting

  • heat loss calculation in accordance with NBN EN 12831

  • ventilation design & report

  • design of techniques: 

    • design plans 

    • bill of materials 

    • design specifications

Exergie can design standard techniques (HVAC, plumbing, electricity ...). Additionally, we can study tailor made sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for a project. Of course, all items above can be carried out separately as well.

Questions? Please  contact us to discuss the possibilities.  

Our expertise