Energy benchmarking agreement

On 4 April 2014, the Flemish Government approved the Energy Policy Agreements (EBO) for anchoring energy efficiency in the Flemish energy intensive industry. A distinction was made between ETS and non-ETS companies. 

In any case, a company is covered by this regulation if it uses at least 0.1 PJ of energy on an annual basis and falls within the NACE-BEL 2008 section 5 up to section 33. The EBO is one of the most important, if not the most important mechanism, of the Flemish government allowing for an increased energy efficiency in the energy-intensive industry.    


The Flemish Government wants to avoid undermining the growth opportunities of the companies. Therefore, participating companies can benefit from a number of financial benefits: 

  • tax reduction for natural gas 

  • degressivity on the federal contribution & offshore surcharge 

  • exemption from the energy planning legislation

  • exemption from the tax on real estate

  • exemption from additional obligations regarding energy efficiency

  • additional possibilities for ecology premium plus & strategic ecology support

All this, of course, adds on to the considerable cost savings as a result of implementing energy efficiency measures throughout the programme.


First, as an 'approved energy expert', we perform an energy audit of the company. Based on this audit and its conclusions, the expert draws up an energy plan.

This energy plan includes an overview of:

  • cost-effective measures

  • potentially cost-effective measures

  • study measures

The cost-effective measures are to be effectively implemented. The potentially profitable measures are reassessed later on based on new data. The study measures must be studied in more detail.

EBO’s in  2 phases:

  • the energy plan for the 'first phase' is valid for the first 3 years after entry into force (period 2015-2017)    

  • the 'second phase' of the EBO, for which an updates energy plan is drawn up in 2018, covers the remaining period from 2018 to 2020

In the first phase of the EBO, a study regarding the CHP potential for CHP shall be carried out.


Drafting up an EBO is specialist work. Many companies prefer focussing on their core business and ask support from an external energy expert. The external experts team up with an internal expert, for carrying out the entire process of the EBO.

Exergie has thé energy expertise you are looking for. Our team has many years of experience with energy planning, energy audits, energetic optimisations... and has been very active in the EBO since the beginning. Contact us for an informal conversation.

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