Energy contracts

Reduce your energy costs

In addition to implementing energy saving measures, the energy bill can also be cut significantly by reducing the energy cost per kWh.

The electricity bill sums up several costs, as outlined below. The reduction of the total electricity bill can therefore be done in different ways. EXERGIE ensures that the energy cost per kWh for your company gets optimized. 

Electricity rates peak and off-peak hours                  

In recent years, prices on the electricity market have declined sharply. But for many companies this has only led to a limited decrease in peak and off-peak rates. Experience shows that a regular comparison of electricity prices pays off. It often happens that cancelations of energy contracts are notified too late, meaning the company has to stay with the same supplier for an additional period. In your search for the best rates, we recommend you rely on an independent energy expert. Due to their independence, the expert can negotiate with both large suppliers (Electrabel, Luminus, Lampiris, Eni ...) and smaller, less well-known suppliers (EBEM, BEE, Octa + ..). 

Exergie's energy experts assist both SMEs and large industrial energy consumers in search for an optimal electricity contract for their activities. Checking your contract regularly can make you save a bob or two.

  • For SMEs, the contract can often be terminated without a severance payment, so that the company can benefit from a new contract in the short term and thus quickly save a substantial amount of money.

  • But large industrial energy consumers also benefit from having their contract analyzed in time. This way, their current contract can be terminated in time to avoid an unexpected severance payment. A contract can already be concluded today, even if it will only come into effect in a year's time. When weighing different contracts, the company consumption profile is to be considered as well. 

Grid rates

For companies on the middle / high-voltage grid, extensive and complex calculations are behind the grid rates. Savings can be made by adjusting the consumption characteristics (eg time aspect in consumption patterns). However, these adjustments also require efforts from the company and are not always profitable. Exergie can assist companies by analyzing the return on investment, so that it can be decided which investments are to be made. 

Natural gas invoice

The natural gas bill can be reduced considerably by comparing natural gas tariffs between the various suppliers, similarly to the electricity bill. Through an energy expert, the natural gas tariff can be optimized in function of the company profile.

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