Local energy production

The use of energy involves a significant cost. First and utmost, energy use should be maximally reduced by limiting the amount of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, ... consumed. This can be achieved through  an energy audit resulting in energy saving measures. Secondly however, the total energy costs can often be reduced even more by generating electricity locally or through an optimisation of the utilities by choosing different conversion techniques and/or energy vectors.

A broad range of technologies for generating/transforming energy vectors is available nowadays. Whether one or more of these options is the optimum for a given site depends on, among other things, the nature and the size of the energy consumption, the distribution of that consumption over time, the existing local purchasing possibilities, the geographical location, etc., EXERGIE can, through a detailed analysis of the site and its properties, draw up investment analyzes that pinpoint the most interesting technology for the given situation. Exergie has an extensive experience with tangible projects and previous analyzes.

Regarding CHP, solar panels, wind energy, steam generation, heat pumps, ... Exergie is the specialised partner to help make the right investment decision regarding your local energy production.

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